Imam-e-Kaaba declares TTP as Khwarij (Dogs of Hell)

The Imam of Kaaba, Al Sheikh Khalid al Ghamidi, who led a mammoth gathering in the Fajr prayers at the Mansoora mosque on Saturday, has said that the enemy wanted to disintegrate the Muslim Ummah by creating hatred, and the believers should be vigilant of the enemy’s designs.
The Imam of the Kaaba said that the Muslims were one Ummah, they had one God, one Prophet (PBUH), one Quran and one creed, and as long as they remained united, the enemy could not be successful in its designs.

The Imam of the Kaaba was given a red carpet welcome when he arrived at Mansoora accompanied by the Saudi envoy in Islamabad. The JI Ameer, Sirajul Haq, JI deputy chiefs and JI Secretary General Liaqat Baloch, received the Imam e Kaaba. Thousands of men and women offered Fajr prayer under the leadership of the Imam e Kaaba.

Addressing the faithful after the prayer, Al- Sheikh Khalid al Ghamidi said that the people of Saudi Arabia had great love for Pakistan and the Pakistani people, and they were proud of Pakistan and their Pakistani brethren.

The Imam e Kaaba said that the security of the Haramain Sharifain was the collective responsibility of the Ummah. He said that Saudi Arabia had initiated action against Yemen’s rebels not its own, but on the appeal of the lawful Yemeni ruler.

Al Sheikh Khalid Al Ghamidi paid rich tributes to the founder of the JI, Maulana Syed Abul Ala Maudoodi, who he said had done a great service to the Ummah by starting a movement for the revival of Deen. He said that thousands of students all over the world had benefited from Maulana Maudoodi’s writings and he was one of them. He said that a highway in Saudi Arabia had also been named after Maulana Maudoodi.

He said that the present Ameer of the JI, Sirajul Haq was a dedicated and dynamic personality and had great love for Islam and the Muslims. He was sure that the JI’s efforts for the supremacy of Deen would bear fruit.

Earlier, the JI Ameer, Sirajul Haq welcomed the distinguished guest from the holy land. Speaking on the occasion Sirajul Haq said that the people of Pakistan considered any attack on Saudi Arabia as an attack on this country.

“We want to Saudi Arabia through the Imam e Kaaba that if anybody dared to cast a malignant eye on Saudi Arabia, the Pakistanis would rise for the security of the holy land”. He said and that “We will live and die with the people of Saudi Arabia.”

Sirajul Haq said that the Holy Makka and Madina were the centers of the Muslims love and devotion. Saudi Arabia was the fortress of Islam and peace, and the hearts of the people of Pakistan throbbed with the hearts of their Saudi brethren.

“In the presence of the Imam e Kaaba, we reaffirm our commitment to continue our struggle for establishing the Islamic system of life in this country and we would lay down our lives for this noble cause”, he declared.

Sirajul Haq said that the visit of the Imam-e-Kaaba to Mansoora was a moment of pride and happiness not only for the workers and the leadership of the JI but also for the Islamic movements all over the world, he added.

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